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Basil & Peppermint Body Sugar Scrub

Ingredients Sucrose Granulated White, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Prunus Dulias, Mentha Piperita Essential Oil, Ocimum Basillicum Essential Oil

Basil essential oil may help alleviate feelings of anxiety & depression. It may also aid in relieving in symptoms of common cold and coughs. Whilst peppermint essential can aid decongestion it can also increase alertness and concentration. It can help with inflammation, thus relieving pain.

Bathing Products, Rinse Off. Grainy mixture characteristics of Essential/Fragrance oil used. Product may require stirring prior to use.

Warning: For external use only, avoid direct eye contact. Do not use on broken skin or apply to mucous membranes, if irritation occurs, discontinue use. Not recommended for 3 years of age or under.


1. Use lukewarm water; allow it to run for approximately 5-10 minutes to soften the skin.

2. Apply Danu Body Scrub in a circular motion maintaining gentle pressure (do not scrub too hard!).

3. Start at your feet and move upwards towards your heart to enhance circulation.

4. When finished rinse thoroughly.

Avoid Basil & Peppermint Essential Oil When Pregnant - however the concentration is so low, the product should be safe to use. But if you're concerned, as always talk to your doctor or midwife.

This product meets the criteria for safety specified by the requirements of Article 3 of Regulationn(EC) No 122/2009