What Are The Benefits of Body Scrubs?

1.Removes dead skin cells

2.Refreshes Your Appearance To Increase Confidence

3.Promotes Skin Hydration

4.Clears Blemishes

5.Reduces Stress

What Scrub Ingredients Work?

Sugar is considered gentle as it has smoother edges than salt. Sugar is superb for sensitive skin. There is a slight chemical exfoliant component to sugar that naturally occurs called AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) - glycolic acid. This penetrates the skin easier and more effectively. It loosens up packed dead skin cells - so they can be more easily sloughed away. Sugar has low molecular qualities so it can aid in increasing amounts of collagen. Collagen is always a favourite as it results in skin feeling firmer and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. What does that mean? Ultimately skin will feel smoother and look more radiant, even and toned.

Apricot Kernels - It is rich in vitamin A, which is vital for healthy skin, they are perfect for elbows, backs, heels and thicker skin. At present Danu contains the oil in bath bars and all body scrubs.

Oatmeal - a gentle grain, oatmeal moisturizes the skin and is known to reduce inflammation in sensitive skin. An ingredient currently only in Danu's bath salts which can be rubbed in circular motions to the skin whilst bathing.

What Is The Difference Between Salt & Sugar Scrubs?

Turns out there is a big difference between exfoliating with salt or sugar. Salt scrubs tend to boast larger particles that are grittier. Salt scrubs rely on granular salt particles to buff the dead skin cells away. Sugar scrubs have small particles and tend to be gentler on the skin. They are less drying and less abrasive than salt scrubs. This is important to know, especially when taking your skin type into account.

Both salt & sugar scrubs work effectively when taking your skin type into account. Both salt & sugar scrubs work effectively to remove dead skin cells, but your decision on which one to use should always take into account your individual skin type and the part of the body you are looking to exfoliate. For example one might use a sugar scrub for the general body surface but then switch to a salt scrub for those areas of rougher skin, as outlined below.

Sugar Scrub is often the choice best suited for both sensitive & dry skin types because it is gentler on the skin & less likely to cause irritation.

Where To Use A Salt Scrub & What Are Their Benefits?

Salt scrubs have many benefits for rougher areas of the body. There may be specific areas for a smooth finish.

Feet & Elbow: Your skin is the thickest on your feet & elbows. As such, it can likely handle an exfoliator with a bit more grit.

Thighs & Buttocks: Your skin can at times be a bit thicker here so a salt based exfoliator would be suitable, applied in circular motions with very gentle pressure.

Where To Use A Sugar Scrub & What Are Their Benefits?

Sugar scrubs, on the other hand, are gentler and can be used on more sensitive areas. Outlined below are the best places to focus your sugar scrub to help remove dead skin cells in a less abrasive manner.

Decolletage - the skin on your decolletage is sensitive. Approach this area just like you would your face, with a gentle touch. Defintely use sugar scrubs because the smaller particles are less abrasive on the skin.

General Torso – Sugar scrubs are great for everywhere, especially those areas where your skin has the sandpaper feel to it.

Bath Salts & What Are The Benefits Of Their Essential Oils?

Epsom salts dissolve easily in warm water & the magic begins. The magnesium and sulphur are released from the salt crystals, creating a solution, that is then absorbed by the skin. Magnesium has an abundance of benefits. It can help our bodies produce melatonin, which is the hormone that promotes better sleep.

 What Are The Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Coarse & Fine Salt can help retain the skins moisture. But it is also known to reduce that sting water can give and reduce redness and irritation for those having an eczema flare up. It helps to rebalance the natural pH of the body thus cleansing the physical toxins from the body.

 What Benefits Do Our Bath Bars Have?

Sodium Bicarbonate is an acid mantle that helps form a protective barrier, its importance for overall skin health. It has skin softening properties too.

Citric Acid naturally occurs in citrus fruits. When you mix it with sodium bicarbonate, the magic bubbles before your eyes once it is added to water. You can not help but appreciate the fizz or "fluffy fizz" as described by a customer. Citric Acid is known to be an antioxidant that reduces the effects of aging. It helps repair the skin and fortify the blood vessels.

What are the expected deliveries timescale?

At present the timescale is 5-7 business working days, this allows for Danu Products to arrive as freshly made as possible. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email enquiries@danuproducts.com .

Why Purchase Glass Jars & Not Just Pouches?

Glass jars are strongly recommended when purchasing for the first time. The pouches are designed to refill previously purchased glass jars. As the packaging is compostable Danu can not guarantee the durability of a pouch in a bathroom environment. This was the best option to align with the ethos of sustainability.

I Am Not Happy With My Purchase, What Do I Do?

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can help to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. You can contact us via email enquiries@danuproducs.com