Morrigan - The Inspiring Luxury Package
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Morrigan - The Inspiring Luxury Package

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Named after Morrigan an Irish Goddess of war, transformation and death. Yes, she represents death but she also represents the transformation that takes place between life and death and rebirth. She guards and guides souls through the entire lifecycle. She watches over the battlefields, rivers and magic. 

This package contains 1Ltr of Rustic Lavender sugar scrub,  120mls Lime Revitalizer salt scrub and 120mls of Lavender & Lemon bath salts. Also inside are 2 bath bars; Peony Blush and also Cracked Black Pepper & Sandalwood.

This package has a wonderful mix of products and essential oils to relax and unwind after a difficult day in your own battle field & need some rejuvenating.