Cu Chulainn - The Luxury Reviver Package
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Cu Chulainn - The Luxury Reviver Package

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This package is named after Cu Chulainn - a key character in the Ulster Cycle battling against the “evil queen” Maeve. He is known as the Hound of Ulster because of his name and because of the monstrous image he takes during battle. They said he was in such a frenzy as to be unrecognizable while fighting Maeve’s armies. Cu Chulainn is an Irish god of war, beauty, virility and power. 

This luxury package contains 1Ltr of Rosemary & Eucalyptus salt scrub, 120mls of Basil & Peppermint sugar scrub & 120mls of Bergamot Black Pepper & Sandalwood bath salts. It also contains 2 bath bars; black pepper & sandalwood plus Basil & Cedarwood. This earthy toned scent reflects power and the ingredients are great for tired and weary muscles.