Benefits of Bath Bars

 What Benefits Do Our Bath Bars Have?

Sodium Bicarbonate is an acid mantle that helps form a protective barrier, its importance for overall skin health. It has skin softening properties too.

Citric Acid naturally occurs in citrus fruits. When you mix it with sodium bicarbonate, the magic bubbles before your eyes once it is added to water. You can not help but appreciate the fizz or "fluffy fizz" as described by a customer. Citric Acid is known to be an antioxidant that reduces the effects of aging. It helps repair the skin and fortify the blood vessels.

What Are The Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Coarse & Fine Salt can help retain the skins moisture. But it is also known to reduce that sting water can give and reduce redness and irritation for those having an eczema flare up. It helps to rebalance the natural pH of the body thus cleansing the physical toxins from the body.